Full Guard

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What is Full Guard?

Full Guard is an advanced immune supplement designed for combat sports athletes or anyone at high risk for exposure to viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.

What’s in Full Guard?

Full Guard is a formulation of three unique 1,3/1,6 beta-glucans (BGs)—natural, complex sugars that come from foods like mushrooms and baker’s yeast.

BGs have been used for decades in healthcare settings all over the world to improve outcomes for the sickest patients, and have shown promise in recent studies looking at outcomes of COVID-19 infected individuals.

BGs are also implicated positively in new research around trained immunity, and are known to enhance the immune benefits of Vitamins C & D, and other nutrients.

Why Use Full Guard?

Like the grappling position it’s named for, Full Guard is foundational to your success in the fight against infection. Taken daily, Full Guard can help reduce the frequency and severity of illness you experience.

It doesn’t matter if your fight is in the octagon or in the office, show up every day and win with Full Guard.

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