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Helix Health Sciences (HHS) ‘D3/K2 Vegan Vitamin Complex’ is designed to help you regain optimal bone and arterial health & strength. The benefits of taking K2 and D3 together are enormous.

If you suffer from osteopenia, osteoporosis or arterial health issues, HHS D3/K2 will help your body absorb the Calcium you need and then direct it to your bones and tissues that need it the most.

The K2 in this complex formulation is needed to help and direct the absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium.

HHS products are formulated in the USA and, best of all, this D3/K2 is Vegan, so perfect for whatever your lifestyle choice may be!

Take ‘D3/K2 Vegan Vitamin Complex’ now and you’ll start seeing improved bone and arterial health and overall better immune system balance within two weeks.

Helix-Somal™ D3/K2 Vegan Vitamin Complex is designed to support:

* Optimal Bone Health

* Arterial Health

* Immune System Balance

Formulated Using Helix-somal™ Technology to Help Support:

  • Bone Health
  • Arterial Health
  • Immune System Balance
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